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ِAmbassador´s visit to the state of Veracruz

During the ambassador´s visit to the state of Veracruz from 9th till 13th of september, he met with the governor Cuitláhuac García, where they held talks about the bilateral relations

Ambassador's visit to the city of Monterrey

The Ambassador meet with the Head of the office of the president ,Alfonso Romo and the governor of the state of Nuevo Leon, Jaime Rodríguez, and they discussed issues related to the bilateral relations

Qatar ambassador met the ambassador of Mexico in Qatar

The ambassador Mohamed AL Kuwari met with Graciela Gómez García, the recently named ambassador of Mexico in Qatar where they discussed the ways to boost the bilateral relations between the two countries.

More Mexicans are expected in Qatar´s World cup 2022

The distance between Mexico and Qatar will not be an obstacle for the 2022 World Cup, nor for the 44,000 mexicans who attended the World Cup in Russia, said Qatar's ambassador to Mexico, Mohammed Al Kuwari