Interview of the ambassador to ¨El Universal¨newspaper about the rumors on Qatar's hosting of the World Cup

The rumors about Qatar hosting the World Cup 2022 started 3 years before the big event with news of the corruption for several famous sports officials, including Michel Platini, who was suspended and interrogated for hours, about intervening in favor of Qatar for the 2022 World Cup

A turbulent atmosphere about this event, especially because Qatar is hosting it, which created some comments about some parties intervention in the victory of Qatar to host the World Cup 2022.

However, the preparations for the 2022 World Cup continue to grow with great progress in terms of infrastructure, under the slogan of providing the best. This is what the State of Qatar seeks by highlighting the civilized aspect and the development in the design and construction for the World Cup.

In this context, the Ambassador of the State of Qatar in Mexico, Mohamed Al-Kuwari, said that the State of Qatar is preparing to receive millions of spectators at the World Cup. ", And Qatar since winning the World Cup has been expecting a number of rumors against her winning this Event.

He added that the reason was jealousy and geopolitical conflict in the region. He pointed out that everything has been transparent since the nomination and until the victory of Qatar to host the World Cup. But behind that, there are the interests of some countries and international companies, which wanted to host the event,and created an atmosphere of confusion about the organization of the State of Qatar for the World Cup, including What has been circulating about acts of corruption.

The World Cup 2022, will show the importance of sport for the people in Qatar. This event will show to the world the importance of sport for the State of Qatar and bring the world closer to the real picture of Qatar.

Although it is still early to determine the effect of the event in the country's economy, there will certainly be a great participation of spectators from Mexico. "The Mexicans fans of All the As well as all enthusiastic fans in the 2022 World Cup. are  welcome in Qatar.

The World Cup is an event of great importance, and Qatar also seeks to host several tournaments, including the Olympic Games. The World Cup will be of a great success in highlighting the State of Qatar and the sports face of the State of Qatar to the world

In this context, the Ambassador stressed the importance of the support provided by the State of Qatar to youth and sports and the development of this vision, which makes a good use of resources available to enhance the ability of young people through several initiatives, including training he most important players at the state level, the country has emerged through its national football team who recently won the Asian Cup and through his first participation in Copa America, so, Qatar will host the most important tournaments this year's World Athletics Championship.